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My Fair Lady (motion picture)
  • Adapted from the stage musical of the same name. Directed by George Cukor. Screenplay by Alan Jay Lerner. Released November 9, 1964. Starred Rex Harrison (Henry Higgins) and Audrey Hepburn (Eliza Doolittle).
  • A topical, satirical show usually having a central theme but not a dramatic plot, with spoken verse and prose, sketches, songs, dances, ballet, and specialty acts. Includes elements of other stage forms such as cabaret, variety show, vaudeville, pantomime, burlesque, and musical comedy.
My Fair Lady (musical play, 1956)
  • Based on "Pygmalion," a play by George Bernard Shaw. Music by Frederick Loewe. Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner. Original Broadway production opened March 15, 1956, starring Rex Harrison (Henry Higgins) and Julie Andrews (Eliza Doolittle).

Use for: Musical play

  • Theatrical production consisting of musical numbers (songs, ensembles, and dances) integrated into a defined dramatic framework.
Ragtime music

Use for: Ragtime

  • Style of popular music that flourished from about 1896 to 1918. Its most important element, rhythmic syncopation, was recognized as a general trait of Afro-American music. Gave way to jazz after World War I.
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