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Bing Crosby Arrangements

  • US US.INSON Mss 057
  • Collection
  • ca. 1970s

The collection consists of 10 band arrangements used by Bing Crosby in the early 1970s near the end of his career, and one photo of the singer.

Peter Brunelli Arrangements

  • US US.INSON Mss 053
  • Folder
  • 1970-02-08 - ?

The collection consists of six arrangements written by composer Peter Brunelli and one wooden box containing rubber stamps for arrangements and compositions, custom-made for Peter Brunelli.

Brunelli, Peter

Sandler & Young Arrangements

  • US US.INSON Mss 006
  • Folder
  • 1963 - 1983

Approximately 200 original arrangements created by various arrangers for the singing duo Sandler & Young, who performed internationally from 1963-1982. Most arrangements include a master score, vocal parts, and various instrument parts. The collection also includes a few news clippings.

Young, Ralph

Phil Harris – Alice Faye Arrangements

  • US US.INSON Mss 003
  • Folder
  • 1946 - 1954

Approximately 140 musical arrangements for the weekly NBC radio show The Phil Harris – Alice Faye Show. The arrangements were created by Walter Scharf.

Harris, Phil

Bob Kennedy Printed Music Collection

  • US US.INSON Mss 011
  • Item
  • 1900 - 1967

Approximately 1,600 pieces of sheet music, orchestral arrangements, and other documents related to the performances and career of Bob Kennedy.

Kennedy, Bob

Albert Vincent Glenn Arrangements

  • US US.INSON Mss 038
  • Folder
  • 1911 - 1941

The collection consists of approximately 85 commercial and original arrangements used by the Hotel Van Ness Orchestra, led by Albert “Al Getchie” Glenn, as well as some miscellaneous sheet music and a photograph of the orchestra.

Glenn, Albert "Al" Vincent

Marguerite Piazza Arrangements

  • US US.INSON Mss 056
  • Collection
  • c. 1950s-1990s

The majority of the collection is made up of arrangements written for Ms. Piazza, mostly undated, along with some published music and miscellaneous items like playbills and program lists.

Piazza, Marguerite

Ray Charles Papers, Preliminary Inventory

  • US US.INSON Mss 059
  • Collection
  • 1925

Boxes 1-3: 66 scores
Boxes 4-27: books
Boxes 28-45: CDs
Boxes 46-49: LPs and books
Boxes 50-54: cassette tapes
Boxes 55-60: arrangements
Boxes 61-67: misc. sheet music and arrangements
Box 68: plaques
Box 69: advertising award
Boxes 70-83: Show binders
Box 84: National Memorial Day concert, handwritten music 1995-2004
Box 85: Kennedy Center Honors books 2009-2013
Box 86: Glen Campbell Show vocal sketches + arrangements
Box 87-88: calendars
Box 89: plaques, Perry Como Show shooting schedule, Scrapbook, misc.
File cabinets: sheet music, folios, arrangements, and scores

Charles, Ray, 1918-2015

Bill Marx Collection

  • US US.INSON Mss 068
  • Folder
  • 1959 - 1993

The collection consists of original manuscripts, sketches, and fair copies of original compositions, music for film and television, and arrangements by Bill Marx. Audio recordings of demos and performances on 5” and 7” reels and compact discs..

Marx, Bill

Dinah Washington Arrangements

  • US US.INSON Mss 067
  • Item
  • 1950 - 1965

43 arrangements for voice and various instruments, written for and used by Dinah Washington

Washington, Dinah, 1924-1963

Richard Himber Arrangements Collection

  • US US.INSON Mss 070
  • Folder
  • 1930 - 1950

The collection consists of approximately 1500 unpublished musical arrangements used by Richard Himber with his bands and orchestras. In most cases the arranger is not known.

Himber, Richard

Newton Wayland Collection

  • US US.INSON Mss 066
  • Folder
  • 1970 - 2000

The Newton Wayland Collection was received along with the larger Bethards-Massey Collection in November 2019 from the Paramount Theatre, Oakland. It was the working library used by Wayland in his performances as conductor of pops orchestras. The collection includes arrangements (scores and parts) of primarily popular music by Wayland and others, as well as some light classical sets. The majority of the materials are not published.
The collection was a working rental library under the auspices of Jean Cunningham at the Paramount Theatre, Oakland. While it is presumed that it was organized in some manner while at the Theatre, it came to us haphazardly with individual sets of the same arrangements located far apart. The materials were housed primarily in manila envelopes or accordion folders, often they were kept in whatever mailer was used to return them to the library. Labels, when they were present, were often for other titles.

Wayland, Newton,

Diahann Carroll Arrangement Collection

  • US US.INSON Mss 074
  • Folder
  • 1950 - 2007

3 boxes of musical arrangements created for Diahann Carroll and a small amount of ephemera.

Carroll, Diahann

Gordon Jenkins Collection

  • US US.INSON Mss 075
  • Folder
  • 1953 - 1980

The collection consists of 9 boxes of printed music and documents and 231 sound recordings (132 7” reels, 6 5” reels, 17 10” reels, and 76 cassettes.) The notated music consists of original music and arrangements by Gordon Jenkins and a small amount of music by Gordon Jenkins, Jr., including a handful of published choral octavos of arrangements of popular songs. Highlights of the collection include the complete music to the 1959 concept album by Judy Garland The Letter, the complete music to the Future section of the 1980 concept album Trilogy by Frank Sinatra and an arrangement of “Everything Happens to Me” made for Frank Sinatra.

From notations on the reels, they appear to contain recordings of Jenkins’s compositions, including potentially bootlegged copies of commercial recordings he worked on. The cassettes contain recordings of the compositions and arrangements of the composer Mort Stevens.

Jenkins, Gordon

Ralph Carmichael Collection

  • US US.INSON Mss 078
  • Folder
  • 1937 - 2002

The collection consists of 37 arrangements by Ralph Carmichael for big band or vocals with big band. It also contains arrangements by other people, primarily published or copied from published materials. It contains a portion of the music mail-order series, The Ralph Carmichael School of Music Correspondence. It contains a small amount of published sacred choral octavos by Carmichael. Non-musical material includes programs and documents relating to the Young Messiah concert tour and photographs.

Carmichael, Ralph, 1927-2021

Jay Gorney Collection

  • US US.INSON Mss 063
  • Folder
  • 1929 - 1991

Personal papers of Jay Gorney, including correspondence and scripts, sheet music, arrangements, orchestrations, and recordings of Gorney's works.

Gorney, Jay

Hy Zaret Papers

  • US US.INSON Mss 009
  • Folder
  • 1936 - 2007

Papers and sound recordings spanning the career of lyricist Hy Zaret (Hyman Harry Zaritsky). Includes research, notes, handwritten musical notes and lyrics on staff paper, mock-ups and drafts of sheet music, printed sheet music, orchestrations, arrangements, and folios. It includes copyright registrations, requests for use, letters of praise, scrapbooks, and correspondence. Collection also contains plaques and certificates presented to Zaret for milestones related to “Unchained Melody” and in appreciation for his work with Lou Singer on children’s educational music, and audio recordings featuring unpublished and commercial reel-to-reel tapes, 78s, LPs, and lacquers of Zaret’s songs, his Little Songs, and research-related materials.

Zaret, Hy

Al Martino Arrangements Collection

  • US US.INSON Mss 080
  • Folder
  • 1932 - 2002

Collection consists of arrangements, scores, and individual instrument parts for songs sung by Al Martino. Includes one folder with Martino headshots.

Martino, Al

Bebe Landis Collection

  • US US.INSON Mss 065
  • Folder
  • 1963-1975

The collection consists of one script of The Student Gypsy dated March 1971, one script of Christy, and several music arrangements from the shows acquired by Bebe Landis during performances.

Landis, Bebe

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