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Staiger, Libi

  • LC2007035169
  • Persoon
  • 1928-01-10 - 2019-09-25

Martin, Tony

  • 85376559
  • Persoon
  • 1913-12-25 - 2012-07-27

Arnold, Hubert

  • 85173096
  • Persoon
  • 1945-03-02 - 2019-08-22

Born and raised in Temple, Texas, Arnold attended Michigan State University where he earned undergraduate and master's degrees in Music Composition. His music career began in West Point, New York as an arranger for the United States Military Academy Band. He established a successful music career in New York City where he worked with numerous entertainers over the years. Notably, he was the music director and accompanist for the legendary Margaret Whiting, working with her for over 25 years.
His compositions in classical, Latin and jazz were commissioned, published, and recorded by organizations around the country. Additionally, Tex has written orchestrations for the Lincoln Center American Songbook series and for Carnegie Hall tributes.
For six years, Arnold participated as mentor and accompaniest in the Great American Songbook Foundation’s annual Songbook Academy event for teens.

Voynow, Dick

  • 93022669
  • Persoon
  • c. 1900 - September 15, 1944
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