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Helford, Irwin

  • SF2018IHRK
  • Person
  • 1934 -

Helford served as the Chairman of the Board of the Great American Songbook Foundation from 2007 - 2012.

Sautter, Margaret Ann

  • SF2018MSRK
  • Person
  • 1924-04-04 - 2009-12-27

Margaret taught for 35 years in the Detroit Public School System and was considered an excellent and dedicated teacher. In addition to giving her very best to her students, parents and colleagues, nothing gave her more pleasure than providing others with entertainment and happy memories through singing, skits and plays. She belonged to First Bethany United Church of Christ and was active in the choir and other church activities. She was also a lifetime member of Wayne State University Alumni Association and Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority, and a regular contributor to many worthwhile charities. After retiring from teaching, she moved to California in 1985 to take care of her brother, Morey, Jr.

Goodelle, Niela

  • SF2018NGRK
  • Person
  • 1910-09-08 - 1988-05-26

Niela Goodelle Hartz (September 8, 1910 – May 26, 1988) was born Helen Goodelle in New York. In the 1920s, she worked as an accompanist for Burton Thatcher in exchange for vocal lessons. By the 1930s she was a budding Hollywood starlet, performing in Perfect Thirty Sixes, Rhythm of Paree, and Spring is Here. She was part of the touring production of Ziegfeld Follies of 1934. She is perhaps most famous for turning down a marriage proposal from Rudy Vallee in 1937.
In 1940, Goodelle retired at what was arguably the peak of her career and married Minton Hartz. She moved to Evansville, Indiana where she and Minton raised three children.

Grimes, Robert

  • SF2018RGRK
  • Person
  • 1922-02-18 - 2011-10-08

Robert “Bob” Grimes (February 18, 1922 – October 8, 2011) was born one of six children in Longview, Texas. Grimes served the Army during World War II, and later worked as a salesman for Patrick & Co. Stationery Firm in San Francisco. Grimes adopted three children, and received several honors during his lifetime, including having a Bob Grimes Day dedicated to him in San Francisco and receiving a Certificate of Honor.

During his lifetime, Grimes amassed one of the largest sheet music collections in the United States. From his early teens, when he bought his first piece of sheet music, "All My Life" from the little-seen 1936 musical "Laughing Irish Eyes," Grimes was an avid collector. Not only did he collect sheet music, he also collected books and LPs.

Saxon, Joyce Mauer

  • SF2021JSLL
  • Person
  • 1928-02-14 - 2015-11-16

Joyce Mauer was born in Chicago, Illinois to Bill and Cleo Mauer. At the age of five, a bout of tonsillitis spread to her eyes, damaging her vision. Childhood glaucoma caused additional damage to her vision and she became legally blind. Bedridden until the age of ten, Mauer began listening to music on the radio, especially swing, jazz, and classical. When she recovered her health, she began to play the piano. Her parents insisted that she hide her blindness and enrolled her in drama classes. As a teen she had some small parts on local radio. After high school, she began performing in local clubs around Chicago such as the Sherman House, Acorn on Oak, Danny's Hideaway, and Como Inn. She married and divorced Jack Reiling, then married Marty Saxon who managed her career. At 62, she began playing the piano at Nordstrom Department Store.

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